Nur Lodge No.2000 welcomes all visiting Masons in good standing. For visiting DC Masons, proper identification and customary examination will be sufficient. For Brethren from outside the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia, we ask that they adhere to the following visitor procedure:

Prior to your visit to our lodge, please contact the lodge secretary, giving notice of your request to visit. You will be asked to provide details concerning your current lodge, and the jurisdiction under which it is chartered or warranted. Please allow sufficient time for the Secretary to properly vet your credentials, a minimum of one week’s notice is advisable. This will ensure that we can more appropriately plan for your presence and inform you of our plans for the evening in question.

Upon your arrival, you will be directed to the Senior Deacon. He will inspect your identification and perform the customary examination before you gain entrance into the Lodge. This Brother will also be responsible for introducing you to the Brethren during the meeting.

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